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Amhas Wins the Inaugural Cuba Cup!

The 2017 Pineapple Cup Goes to Prospector!

Wizard takes line honors in IRC, Prospector wins on corrected time.

Renegade takes line honors in PHRF and Hermie Louise wins on corrected time.

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About the Pineapple Cup:

The Pineapple Cup – Montego Bay Race is endorsed by the Jamaican Tourist Board and managed by Montego Bay Yacht Club and Manuka Sports Event Management. Immediately after the start, racers cross the Gulf Stream for the Northwest Providence Channel. The middle of the race offers a fetch down the eastern side of the Bahamas Island Chain toward the tip of Cuba. The final stretch is typically a sailor’s dream:  a 240-mile downwind sleigh ride from Cuba’s eastern tip, known as the Windward Passage, to the finish at Montego Bay.  

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Pineapple Cup

Miami - Montego Bay

February 3, 2017

Miami - Montego Bay

811 nautical miles

​Monohulls and Multihulls



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2017 Pineapple Cup & Cuba Cup

Latest News:

February 27 / 2017

Amhas wins the inaugural Cuba Cup! Read more HERE.

February 11 / 2017

​Winners of the 2017 Pineapple Cup celebrated at awards dinner! Read more HERE.

February 8 / 2017

Senara sixth boat to cross finish line in PHRF fleet. Read more HERE.

February 7 / 2017

Renegade first across line in PHRF fleet! Read more HERE

February 6 / 2017

Wizard receives line honors, Prospector finishing 1h38m50s behind. Read more HERE

February 5 / 2017

Pineapple Cup day 2 update. Read more HERE

February 4 / 2017

Pineapple Cup day 1 update. Read more HERE

February 3 / 2017

Race Start 2pm today, Track the Race HERE

February 2 / 2017

Teams and sponsors celebrate at the skippers meeting and crew party! Read More HERE

​Cuba Cup

Montego Bay- Havana

Montego Bay - Havana

640 Nautical Miles

Monohulls and Multihulls 



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