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Traveling to cuba on a u.s. flagged vessel or if you are an american permanent resident or citizen

While traveling to Cuba is now within reach for Americans, there are still many requirements by both the US and Cuban governments before arrival. Any missteps could cost you and your crew, so to avoid any issues The Cuba Cup has partnered with Paul Madden Associates who are licensed and equipped to handle all of the necessary boat and crew documentation needed for traveling in and out of Cuba. 

Their rate is $20/foot for assistance with the following items:

U.S. Requirements For Traveling to Cuba by vessel

  1. Owner and Guests will all conform their trip to the 12 U.S. Visa categories, or will accompany a direct family member traveling on a U.S. Visa.
  2. Use of Paul Madden and Associates U.S. Treasury OFAC License.  
  3. Use of Paul Madden and Associates  U.S. Department of Commerce Temporary Export License (so-called "temporary sojourn  license”). 
  4. Paul Madden and Associates will obtain your U.S. Coast Guard Permit to Enter Cuban Territorial Seas - this permission requires proper Treasury and Commerce documentation (as noted above), and needs to be filed at least three weeks before the vessel departs the U.S. If any of the guests or crew are rejected by Homeland Security, we will assist in re-filing.
  5. We will assist you in securing Vessel insurance (or trip binder) that covers Cuba navigation (and charter). 
  6. We can help you connect with companies writing Cuba insurance.
  7. Signed U.S. Visa affidavits for each guests and crew member. These are usually provided by your shoreside excursion company. We keep these on file for 5 years in order to be in compliance with Federal Regulations.
  8. Travel health insurance for guests and crew us a legal requirement by the Cuban Government.. (Medevac option can be available by special request)

Cuban Requirements for Traveling to Cuba by Vessel
  1. Visas to enter Cuba (crew and guests) This is issued at the Port of Entry.
  2. Mandatory Cuban health insurance (crew and guests)
  3. Cuban Government Declarations in order to enter a Cuban Port.
  4. Cuban cruising permits.
  5. Cuban divemasters and fishing guides (as required, are extra).
  6. Local Transport.
  7. Tour guides and tour itinerary (that meet US Visa OFAC requirements).
  8. Concierge services in Cuba.

**Please note - No crew or Guests that were born in Cuba, regardless of passport, are permitted to enter Cuba by vessel; under Cuban Law. The exception to this is when a Cuban “marinero” is provided by the Cubans, once the vessel is within Cuba.

Paul Madden and Associates Contact Information:

Ann Souder, Cuba Specialist, 
Paul Madden Associates, LLC
US Cell +1 401 439-6377
Skype:  AnnSouderNewport
Cuba-Yacht website:

Tourist Itineraries

Cuba Luxury Yacht has partnered with the Cuba Cup to take care of your Havana accommodations planning and site seeing itineraries. They’ll set up car service or a driver, book your hotels and make sure you experience all of the great things Cuba has to offer within compliance of the current US regulations. 

To schedule, contact Marlen for more information:
Tel: 1-800-985-0491


travel to cuba faq

Q. I am not an American, I am not on a U.S. flagged vessel, and there are no American's on my crew, what do I need to do?

A: Check with your country's government on appropriate documentation required to enter Cuba. 

Q. I am not an American, I am not on a U.S. flagged vessel, but there ARE Americans on my crew, what do I need to do?

A: Check with your country's government on appropriate documentation required to enter Cuba for your crew who are not Americans, call Paul Madden and Associates to take care of appropriate documentation for the Americans on your crew.

Q. Can I use U.S. credit cards in Cuba?

A: No, our best advice is to bring cash, American dollars can be exchanged for the Cuban currency for tourists.

Q. What if my delivery crew is different than my race crew? 

A: If you are an American flagged vessel or will have Americans on board, you must make sure all crew members whether they are racing or delivering are on your Coast Guard permit. Paul Madden and Associates can take care of this paperwork for you. 

Q. Will I be able to provision for the delivery home in Cuba? 

A: Not likely. We recommend you bring enough provisions for both the race and the delivery home. 

Q. Is there internet service? 

A: Most hotels have internet service, but that is something to check into when you make your hotel reservations.