Quantum Sails is one of the premier sailmakers in the world, providing not only sails but a wealth of resources and expertise to their clients. Quantum Sails' mission is simple: to help sailors get the most from their time on the water by offering sails for every kind of sailing. At extreme levels of the sport, Quantum provides fully custom options that deliver the ultimate in speed, performance, and reproducible results. Quantum sails are sold at more than 60 lofts and made at four, state-of-the-art manufacturing centers around the world.

The Pineapple Cup & Cuba Cup are sponsored by:

FitVine Wine was born when three friends discovered that they could make amazing wines that also fit their healthy lifestyle. Their team is always active, whether it’s CrossFit, cycling, running, skiing, paddle boarding or just enjoying the outdoors. They set about combining our love for wine and fitness with an ethic for sustainability.

FitVine's proprietary process delivers high-quality wine rich in antioxidants with no residual sugar, lower carbohydrates and fewer sulfites. Grown at high altitude in the Sierra Foothills of California, FitVine grapes naturally yield higher concentrations of beneficial compounds such as resveratrol, polyphenols and proanthocyanidins- resulting in a cleaner wine.

The Pineapple Cup & Cuba Cup are produced in association with the following organizations: 

Landfall has been providing top quality equipment to boaters since 1982 and on the web since 1997. Since that time Landfall’s unwavering commitment to safety has remained constant.

That commitment is reflected in the products they sell and the advice we give. Landfall is committed to meeting the needs of the marine community, including recreational boaters, professional mariners and law enforcement, & emergency personnel.


Founded in 1917, Bainbridge International is one of the longest established sailcloth manufacturers in the world. With nearly 100 years of experience in producing textiles and allied accessories, Bainbridge has all of our material needs covered. Bainbridge develops and supplies the highest quality, highest performance materials to the marine industry including Karver, manufacturers of sailing hardware, Plastimo, makers of safety equipment, and Bainbridge’s AIRX spinnaker cloth. 

At Bainbridge, success is measured through building valuable long-term business partnerships. We are looking forward to working with the Bainbridge team to provide truly outstanding service and products to our race participants!